Company Name Category Employment
Texas Die Casting, Inc. Alum Die Casting 135
Quantum Plastics Plastics Molding 90
TICO Oilfield & Industrial Electrical 45
Vital Earth Resources Horticultural Soils 40
FEMCO (Spencer Harris) Oil Field Repair/Service/Fabrication and Machining Manufacturer 25
Allstate Coatings Company Paving Maintenance Products 12
Cutting Edge Machine & Tool Machine and Tool 28
Sales U.S.A. Bottle Juice Company 20
Timco Heavy Steel Fabrication 7
Tommy Ellis Trucking Transportation 65
C&J Concrete Concrete Contractors 10
L&M Construction Building Construction 15
Sunbelt Manufacturing Screen Printing & Frame Manufacturing 12
Smith Machining  Manufacturing and Machining Services 3
WINCO Machine & Repair Machine & Repair Shop 14
Blast Room Equipment & Construction, Inc. (BRECO) Metal Fabricators 10

Gladewater Featured Business:

Sunbelt Manufacturing Company
Sunbelt Mfg. Co. has been manufacturing quality, American made art canvas, cradled panels and Silk Screen Frames since 1982. They are a family owned and operated business located at 100 Pine Street in Gladewater. Sunbelt Manufacturing Company offers great customer service, exceptional quality, and great pricing. They can manufacture any size art canvas, cradled panel or silk screen frame. For more information and pricing quotes, please contact them at 1-800-333-8412. Or you may visit their web site here: https://sunbeltmfg.com/ 

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