GEDCO Special Board Meeting

 I.          Call to Order


II.         Welcome Guests and Visitors


III.        Consent Agenda:

            a) Minutes for December 2018

            b) Treasurer's Report for December 2018


IV.        Hear and discuss presentation from Marsha Valdetero. Marsha’s presentation         will review the quarterly progress of the fiscal year 2018 GEDCO/Gladewater Chamber of Commerce retail recruitment and retention agreement.


V.         Discuss and/or act on Library and Training Center Roof and roof at 100 Pine Street.   


VI.        Discuss and/or act on resolution authorizing the execution of a real estate sales      contract and any and all documents necessary for sale and conveyance of lot 2, block            1 in the Martha Dillard Survey, abstract no. 56, city of Gladewater, Gregg County,       Texas; providing a severability clause; and providing for an immediate effective date. 


VII.       Manager's Report:

            a) Training seminars and audit  

            b) GEDCO performance agreement updates and Quantum Plastics sign update.

            c) GEDCO & Chamber of Commerce Business Development Breakfast

            d) SBDC and Gregg Co. Airport


VIII       GEDCO Board President's comments and remarks on agenda items.


IX.        Adjourn.