GEDCO Board Special Meeting


I.          Call to Order


II.         Welcome Guests and Visitors


III.        Consent Agenda:

            a) Minutes from June 2018 and July 2018

            b) Treasurer's Report for June 2018 and July 2018


IV.        Hear and discuss presentation from Marsha Valdetero. Marsha’s presentation will           provide a quarterly review for the FY2018 GEDCO/Gladewater Chamber of Commerce        retail recruitment and retention agreement.


V.         Convene into Executive Session in compliance with Section 551.087 of the Local Government Code to discuss economic development incentives related to project SMJ.


VI.        Reconvene into Open Session and take possible action on item mentioned in section five             (V) of the agenda.


VII.       Discuss and/or act on Gladewater Airport initiative.


VIII.      Discuss and/or act on City of Gladewater budget requests. Review the status of    previous requests. Also discuss and/or act on City of Gladewater request for Public     Works lease agreement. 


IX.        Discuss and/or act on FY2019 proposed budget items.


X.       Manager's Report:

            a) Training and seminars.

            b) Gladewater Rodeo Funds and Holiday Open House.

            c) Update on performance agreements, Texas Die Casting, and Industrial Park Signage

            d) Business Development Breakfast  

            e) Chamber Building Cleaning Service

            f) OMA Document


XI.        GEDCO Board President's comments and remarks on agenda items.


XII.       Adjourn.